The Construction Impact Framework (CIF) is a unique OJEU compliant Framework built on 4 cornerstones representing: Quality, Value, Customer Service and Social Impact. Intentionally designed with Clients, Contractors and Communities at its heart the C.I.F is committed to real partnering relationships based on the shared objective of working together for the common good of communities.

DELIVERING quality work, local engagement and social impact the newly established C.I.F supports ever changing working environments across a number of sectors including Health, Education and Housing. The CIF provides your organisation with an OJEU compliant, easy route-way to market. With tailor made innovative procurement solutions the CIF offers both value and peace of mind.

OPERATING in a financially challenging climate where competitive tenders can be selected on ‘cheapest price’ as opposed to ‘best value’. The C.I.F is a conscious move from lowest price tendering to a stronger focus on quality and best value. Our Supply Partners are customer focused, experienced and knowledgeable offering products and services that stand the test of time. The framework is devised of North West SME’s offering value for money whilst directly supporting the North West SME economy.

ACUTELY aware of the current financial environment as well as the subsequent impact on services across communities, the C.I.F acts as a ‘philanthropist’ business investing a proportion of profits into organisations that make a positive impact within communities. Our ability to support communities is made possible by real partnering relationships with our Clients. We work with our clients to ensure our re-investment helps to support their strategic Corporate Social Responsibility outcomes; this means we can make a positive change within the communities we live and work whilst supporting the causes you are passionate about.


Our Director has had many years experience working within some of our most deprived communities implementing projects that have made a real difference; Mazda documented some of Sara’s work in Liverpool which was then showcased globally. Recognised for her work Sara has received a number accolades over the years including Merseyside Woman of the Year 2014, Merseyside Community Woman of the year 2014, Mazda Real Challenger 2015 and Female Innovator of the Year 2017.



The CIF offers cost effect construction solutions by providing direct, easy access to our North West SME Supply Partners.


Our team is on hand to provide continual support, we are have a pro-active approach to obtaining feedback from Clients and Supply Partners to help us continually improve our service.


Supply Partners appointed to the C.I.F were all selected via a quality driven, robust evaluation process.


The C.I.F provides added value to your construction projects by re-investing a proportion of our profits with organisations who work across our communities for the benefit of our communities, helping them to become healthier, safer and sustainable.

C.I.F delivering Social Impact across communities