CIF’s First Joint Investment Initiative: Report

On Friday 9th November our team joined hundreds of others in braving the weather and sleeping outside Manchester Cathedral in an attempt to raise funds for the Booth Centre, an organisation that aims support those who are homeless across Manchester. The Sleepout was sponsored by Construction Impact Framework (CIF) and two of our partners; The University of Salford and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, in our first ever joint investment initiative










(Preparing for a night outside left; and right, the CIF team arrive at Manchester Cathedral).

We arrived at Manchester Cathedral at 7:30PM, along with hundreds of other participants and settled in for an introductory speech from Amanda Croome, CEO of the Booth Centre, who talked about the fantastic work the Booth Centre are doing to support the homeless, and the how the sleepout would support the organisation over the coming year. We then heard an emotional speech from Peter, a man who was once homeless and helped by the Booth Centre, who reminded us all exactly why we there, and the importance of our support.

We were then treated to a fantastic performance from the Streetwise Opera (pictured below), made up of men and women who were once homeless, and brought together by the Booth Centre. Their performance was great, and it was emotional seeing a group of individuals who were once sleeping rough, stand up in front of a crowd of over 500 people with the confidence to deliver to such a performance. 

Following the excellent performance from Streetwise Opera, we were ready to make our way outside and find a spot to sleep for night. We exited the cathedral and set up our yoga mats, sleeping bags and everything else, and settled down for what was to be an uncomfortable night. The truth is, whilst it was cold the temperature was actually quite mild for this time of the year, and fortunately the rain that was forecast to last all night never arrived. Unfortunately, for the many who sleep rough regularly they are not so lucky, and the conditions they have to face on a regular basis are impossible to comprehend. For those who managed to sleep, we awoke at around 5:00AM, cleared up, grabbed some breakfast and headed for the comfort of our own homes; for many this is not an option, which is why our support for the Booth Centre is crucial.

At the time of writing the CIF team has raised over £1,800 for the Booth Centre, whilst the whole event has thus far raised over £110,000.00, a figure which is expected to increase further.

Thank You

There are so many people and organisations to whom we owe our thanks for supporting this worthwhile event. First of all, to our partners; the University of Salford and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. If it were not for these two organisations choosing to procure socially and consciously through CIF, then our sponsorship of the event would not have been possible. The social value we are able deliver is a direct result of public sector organisations choosing to procure construction works and services through CIF.










(The CIF team, with Alex Diamond from Northern Care Alliance Group, left; and with Richard Parkin from MCP Environmental, CIF supply partner). 

We would also like to thank many of our supply partners who supported us in many different ways. To MCP Environmental, Robertson Group, Morgan Sindall and AA Projects who each had teams take part on the night, with great enthusiasm. And to Todd & Ledson, Manchester & Chester Construction, F Parkinson, D&G Builders & Joiners Ltd, A Copeland Group and John Turner Construction Group who kindly made donations on behalf of the CIF team.

And finally to Amy and the rest of the team from the Booth Centre with whom we have worked closely over the past several months. Amy and the team did an excellent job in organising the sleepout and it has been a pleasure being able to support such a fantastic organisation and team.

Over the next coming months our social impact manager, Joanne, will be working closely with the Booth Centre to measure the social outputs of the 2018 Manchester Sleepout, with the ultimate goal of producing an impact report that will demonstrate the true social value delivered as a result of this event.

2018 Manchester Sleepout

November 14, 2018


The Booth Centre


Social Investment