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When looking for the ideal office space Construction Impact Framework considered several factors, much like other businesses size, facilities and location were all key in our decision. Ultimately, we looked to our values and ethics as a company which above all else highlight social impact and giving back, therefore for CIF setting up our office at Blackburne House was an easy decision. By renting our office space from Blackburne House we are paying directly into a charity ensuring that we have social value threaded through every action and transaction. Having our office within Blackburne House helps the charity to continue to deliver outstanding educational and economic opportunities for women from across the region who view Blackburne House as a safe place to access learning and personal development.



Blackburne House was established in 1983 with the aim of progressing women from disadvantaged backgrounds into employment within technical professions – an area in which, at the time, women were significantly under-represented. The organisation grew quickly and considerably and, in 1991, moved into new premises in Liverpool’s famous Georgian Quarter. Today, Blackburne House is a vibrant and thriving organisation and one of the country’s leading education centres for women.



At Blackburne House, a core set of values are ingrained into everything that is do. These values are integral to the organisation:

  • Inspiration – Commitment to inspiring women at Blackburne House; raising aspirations is built into education and development programmes and always reflected in teaching, working and the services provided.
  • Transformation – By thinking and working creatively, constantly seeking new ways to meet and exceed financial, social and environmental aims – transforming areas of business to ensure positive influence.
  • Equality – Blackburne House actively promotes a holistic approach to improving the lives of women – all women. Committed to developing the services offered to ensure the delivery of services that will contribute to improving the lives of women.
  • Independence – Seeking to promote confidence amongst the women helped and aim to equip them in order that they can be both personally and financially independent.

Not only are we proud to support a local charity by renting at Blackburne House, but also for CIF it is important that Blackburne House too has social value at the heart of its actions. As a female led business, CIF believes fully in the work Blackburne House does supporting the development and education of hundreds of women yearly. We look forward to continuing our support and work with Blackburne House in the future, also the two flights of stairs help keep us active.

Learn more about Blackburne House here.

Blackburne House- Home of CIF

September 19, 2019


BlackBurne House


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