CIF Christmas Hamper Donation 2017

Construction Impact Framework (CIF) are delighted to report that we have been able to provide 50 Christmas hamper packs, containing food and essential items, to 50 families across Merseyside this Christmas. Following on from a busy summer of works at Liverpool John Moore’s University, who procured a range of works through CIF, together we decided that the funds raised for community investment would be best utilised by bringing some festive cheer to families across Merseyside who desperately needed it. What follows is a step-by-step report on the production and delivery of our Christmas hampers, which we could not have achieved without the help of all those involved.

Stage 1 – Acquiring The Goods…

Spend an hour so on Tesco Online selecting the food and sanitary items required, how many, and click ‘Pay’ and ‘Deliver to…’. That was our plan. Unfortunately our local Tesco store was unable to deliver to our business premises, and suddenly we were faced with multiple trips back and to Tesco Extra on Park Road, Liverpool, to pick up thousands of items; think of an average Sunday morning shop for a family of four, then multiply by 50!

However, we are fortunate to be surrounded by so many selfless and generous neighbours here in the Baltic Triangle that we were able to collect everything in four trips across two days thanks to Pete from MIMSP, Alec from Ironbird and the girls at Taste Sandwich bar who arrived in a convoy of tinned new potatoes and Fray Bentos pies at 4:30PM on a Friday afternoon!

With all the items acquired, and both ours and our neighbour’s (MISMP and DigiDom) offices resembling a grocery isle in a supermarket, we left for our Christmas night out. Dom would return on Monday morning to find a fort of Mince Pies and canned vegetables surrounding his desk (sorry Dom!).


Stage 2 – Assembling the Production Line…

On Monday morning we began to transform the hallways of our office block into a hamper production line. There were many bemused faces as rows of food and other items started appearing along the corridor. All of our neighbours stopped by to kindly offer their help in way they could, and they, as well ourselves, did well to resist the temptation of the 100 packets of midget gems, and the 50 packets of chunky chocolate cookies!

Production line assembled, we moved on to making the boxes that would make up each hamper. The boxes were kindly donated to us by the team at Citrus Suite. Once again our neighbours pitched in and as a result we had all the boxes ready in half an hour, which would have taken us a lot longer by ourselves.




Stage 3 – Assembling the Hampers…

The following day we finally began to assemble our Christmas hampers. We had each set aside three days in our diaries to accommodate for packing the hampers, such was the sheer quantity of items we were dealing with. However, once again the selflessness of our neighbours shone through and we were able to pick 50 hampers in just a few hours, motivated by a constant loop of Christmas songs courtesy of Magic Xmas! We are extremely grateful to Michael from Kitsune, Mike and his team at MGISS, Rob from Rokopod and Lesley from Regenda, who all gave up an hour or more of their time to help us.

Stage 4 – Delivering the Hampers…

Hampers assembled, we were finally ready to deliver our hampers to a range of organisations. Those organisations were An Hour for Others, Blackburne House, Notre Dame Catholic College, Taste Sandwich Bar, Emmaus Merseyside, and Centre 56. Using these grass-root organisations ensured the hampers would reach households across the city who are in need of a helping hand this time of year.

We must extend our thanks to M&Y Maintenance (represented by Chris) and Regenda Housing Group (represented by Laurelle) who provided a van and accompanied us throughout the day as we delivered the hampers across the city. Yet another example of the generous help afforded to us throughout this venture. Together, we really can make a difference.

To top off what was a very busy and satisfying week, we were invited by An Hour for Others to their office on Friday morning to officially hand over the hampers, accompanied by none other than Liverpool FC’s Trent Alexander-Arnold. Following the handover, the team from An Hour for Others, along with Trent, set about delivering the hampers to families across North Liverpool.

The team at CIF would like to thank each and everyone who offered their help and support throughout this venture. Without it, we would not have been able to support those families across Merseyside who desperately need it at this time of year. We look forward to undertaking similar ventures in the near future.









CIF Christmas Hamper 2017

December 18, 2017


Liverpool John Moore's University


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