Last week we reported that the Young People on the CIF funded Prince’s Trust “Get into Work” course had graduated with flying colours. This week we thought we would update you with their progression, so please read on to find out what’s next for Coden, Sophie, Callum, Paul and Cherie….


Coden’s placement was as a porter in the Hospital and was a natural from the beginning due to his personality and approach. Coden went from strength to strength over the course of the 6 weeks and has secured a volunteer post with the meet and greet team; Coden will also be involved in delivering activities to patients on the neuro-sciences ward. This is a huge achievement for Coden who enroled on the Prince’s Trust in order to help him with his confidence and communication skills.
Coden has also expressed an interest in Clinical Support worker roles and has been assigned a progression mentor by the Prince’s Trust to support him through the application.









Sophie’s placement was within the Catering Company – Couture. Personnel reported that Sophie was very well liked and with the support of her colleagues showed an increase in her self-confidence. On week 4 of the programme, Sophie gained the courage to serve customers on the breakfast shift for the first time; at the recent celebration event she explained her confidence is still growing. The Regional Manager of Couture attended the event and was so impressed that he has offered and commenced Sophie on a part time position in the Christie’s café on the hospital site.










Callum was based in IM&T (Information Management and Technology) and worked on some very interesting projects involving internal servers. Callum’s increased confidence was very apparent. During his celebration speech Callum explained how much he had come out of his shell explaining that before the programme he could not image speaking to 5 people let alone a whole audience – what a remarkable change. Callum will continue to volunteer with IM&T; his supervisor is impressed with him is confident with his experience he will now be able to apply for future job opportunities within the team.









Paul, was also based within IM&T; Paul has never worked as he spent 10 years caring for his Father who sadly passed away last year. Paul commenced the programme with no idea as to what field of work he would want to go into. His placement in IM&T has given him a glimpse into a sector that he has found he really enjoys. Initially Paul was just so glad to have a routine and meet people; now Paul has not only found something he interested in but something he has a natural aptitude in. Like Callum, Paul will continue to be supported by the IM&T team with an appointed progression mentor Paul will continue to increase his knowledge and skills to secure permanent employment in the future.







Cherie worked Front of House for the majority of her placement and enjoyed every minute if it; she received fantastic feedback from her team who stated Cherie is a lovely, capable and bright young lady as that she will be missed! Cherie opted to spend her last week on placement at the Hospital shadowing a teaching nurse. Cherie’s main goal is to progress into nursing so this experience has been invaluable to Cherie in terms of her future goals and aspirations. Cherie recorded in her “My Journey” paperwork that she feels the course has improved her confidence, communication skills and her ability to manage her feelings. Cherie’s plan is to stay in the NHS in the long-term but remains interested in attending University. Cherie is a carer for her younger brother and will be offered a mentor to support her in her next steps. Cherie been nominated for a Young Ambassador’s volunteering position with the Prince’s Trust where she would advocate the Trust’s work.






Sara Lawton, Director, Construction Impact Framework … “One thing that struck the team here was the level of responsibility these young people have or have had in their personal lives. We are really pleased that the Prince’s Trust programme has helped the young people to increase their confidence, skills and experience. As a team each individual has had a positive outcome and we have no doubt with the continued support they will achieve their goals and aspirations. We would like to wish all the Young People the best of luck and commend then on completing the programme … well done Team!”