CIF Funds Travel Bursary for 28 Vulnerable Women to Access Education

Construction Impact Framework (CIF) along with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) have been able to provide bursaries towards the travel costs for vulnerable women attending Blackburne House Education. LMJU who have procured several schemes through the framework as part of their 2019 summer works programme will be involved in the reinvestment of funds built up through procuring responsibly through CIF.


Blackburne House Education (BHE) was established 35 years ago by a group of women who wanted to provide non-traditional training for local women in a safe and nurturing space. The core educational element was IT and the desire to provide women with the skills to compete in areas dominated by men is still at the core of what they wish to achieve.

The student body of BHE comes from a diverse range of communities across the Liverpool City Region, including exceptionally vulnerable women that have been placed in Liverpool for their own safety. The majority of these women have been failed by the traditional education system or in their country of origin. Many have not been empowered sufficiently enough to follow educational programmes and as a result are only able to achieve low level, low paid work.

The women require all levels of intervention to remove barriers to their learning, which include course fees, childcare and travel to give them a fighting chance of improving theirs and their children’s lives and not keep living with an uncertain future.

The CIF investment to BHE will over a twelve month period support 28 women in accessing a Bursary Fund to enable them to reach access to travel expenses to remove basic barriers to their lifelong learning and their economic potential. This contribution will allow the most disadvantaged women to access education by removing this most basic of barriers to education. This support will be allocated to women on the longer length programmes which are up to 32 weeks.

CIF Funds Education Travel Bursary

November 12, 2019


BlackBurne House Education


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