CIF Funds Vital Student Study Area at The City of Liverpool College

As part of our ongoing impact case studies Construction Impact Framework (CIF) likes to revisit past projects funded through our re-investment of profits into various initiatives. One of these projects at The City of Liverpool College, who like CIF believe that the education of young people is vital, saw CIF funds invested in a study and break out space for students at the college. The space provides an area where students can access the internet and use USB power points making the area vitally important for students who might not have access to internet for study at home. The area that has communal tables and desk space with access to power points provides the connectivity needed for student enrolled in the college to assist in reaching their full potential both academically and in personal development.

Brian Sheard- Director of Estates The City of Liverpool College

“The refurbished student space has been extremely well received by students and is used every day.  The area is modern, bright and vibrant and provides a much needed student focused area where students can study and socialise, with the added advantage of being able to charge their mobile devices at the USB charge points.  The area is so successful that we are looking to replicate it in other areas of the building and also other buildings across the college.”

The re-invested funds came from a project that saw the refurbishment of areas of the college’s Arts Centre, over two floors, to provide Digital Gaming Suites that support students in a variety of courses including Game Design, Game Development and Concept Art. The facilities include dedicated studios, plus a standalone suite of state-of-the-art technology and workstations accompanied by a large drawing space for group work and sketchbook study. The suites ensure students have access to the tools they need to create a high-quality portfolio of work to help impress potential employers.

CIF Funds Student Study Area

November 6, 2019


The City of Liverpool College


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