CIF is committed to commissioning work with SME’s to help sustain existing business that deliver quality services whilst avoiding duplication; below is one of the SME’s we are helping to sustain:

Statement from Denise Bernard – Director of Momentum Expedite Consultancy Ltd – established Apr 2012.
“I first had the pleasure of working with Sara during her tireless efforts in the Toxteth Community to establish the largest dedicated Youth facility in Liverpool back in 2009. Sara brought this to fruition in Summer 2013 to positive acclaim; Sara via Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service first engaged my company in late 2012 ahead of the opening to for on-going support.”

“I set up my company and started trading in Apr 2012; as a startup business operating in a difficult financial climate, securing regular contracts as anchor income is fundamental to my company’s sustainability. In Feb 2017 CIF engaged my company Momentum Expedite to support CIF in relation to its community investments. As well providing my business with a fixed term contract I have benefitted from securing additional works via CIF with third parties across the North West. Both direct and indirect income from CIF equates to 33% of my overall turnover.”

“I would like to thank Sara for her belief in me and my company and for giving me such a great opportunity to be part of CIF which is a creative business that genuinely and actively gives something back to communities. I have had a long career in the voluntary sector so I am acutely aware of funding cuts and how competitive and scarce resources are; CIF has arrived at an opportune time and provides another pathway of enabling investment in communities whilst helping to sustain SME’s like myself.”