CIF Supports North Manchester Community Well-being Volunteers

Recently the Construction Impact Framework (CIF) team visited Oldham to meet the North Manchester Community well-being volunteers who were nominated for social investment by Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, who procured a number of schemes through the framework.

During our visit to meet the community volunteers we were not only able to treat them to lunch but also present them with brand new laptops. These laptops are vital in aiding the volunteers in securing funding for their social-prescribing activities. The volunteer group’s work is invaluable in helping with both mental and physical health issues within the local community.

Through their work they have provided a range of support and activities to local residents including:

  • Training and work experience to help with employment for those affected by mental health.
  • Fitness classes for members of the community, aimed towards rehabilitation for heart attack sufferers.
  • A range of therapies including massage and reiki to help with varying health issues.
  • Numerous art classes such as painting and drawing.

The impact of the work of the North Manchester Community Well-being volunteers has been vital in the support of those in the community affected by mental and physical health issues, it has helped with increasing independence and self-confidence to many in the community as well as helping many residents in socialising in creative and engaging ways.

CIF Invests in North Manchester Community Well-being Volunteers

August 13, 2019


North Manchester Community Well-being Volunteers


Social Investment