Client: Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University recently procured consultancy services through Construction Impact Framework (CIF), from the ‘Safety Consultant’ lot which covers asbestos and fire safety consultancy services.

Works undertaken were primarily a Fire Strategy Survey of the Joe H Makin building. The survey and resulting report included:- 

  • the condition of existing fire compartmentation within the building,  
  • the identification of where the compartmentation fails to comply with current legislation,  
  • any amendments or changes to compartmentation to ensure compliance, in line with current usage and risks. 
  • the required level of fire detection for the building, identifying any shortcomings in the current system with recommendations for remediation. 
  • the identification of the cause and effect for the fire alarm system 
  • an assessment of the current emergency lighting installation with recommendation for improvements if necessary 
  • the determination of any operational issues directly affecting the fire strategy 
  • the identification and recording of the location of fire dampers and assessing their compliance with fire compartmentation lines 
  • the adequacy of current escape routes, and, where necessary, recommend alternative methods of evacuation including flow direction methods.

Olsson Fire & Risk Ltd were the CIF supply partner appointed to undertake the works, and we are pleased to announce that works reached their completion in mid-July.

Construction Impact Framework is a value based socially driven framework; please have a look at our social impact case studies to see how Liverpool John Moores University and Construction Impact Framework are changing lives through procurement.


Liverpool John Moores University – Fire Strategy Survey

August 7, 2018


Liverpool John Moores University


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