Meet Marie…

Marie is 18 and from Salford. Marie was referred to the CIF funded “get Into” programme from the Fairbridge programme where she was working towards gaining confidence. Marie has had a very difficult time with her mental health and the Fairbridge programme really helped Marie to set goals, manage her feelings and gain confidence in herself.

Marie wanted to gain work experience to help her progress to an apprenticeship; her goal is to eventually secure an apprenticeship in Law. Marie is on placement in IM&T within the Communications Department of the hospital; since starting her placement Marie has been working on the hospitals internal newsletter as well as doing very technical tasks involving the hospital’s website and intranet.

Marie’s confidence grew massively in the first half of the course and she is very proud of the amazing feedback she has been given. With the full support of Salford Royal and the Prince’s Trust Marie gained the confidence to apply for apprenticeships and is now considering Communications as a career stating she loves the projects she’s been involved with. The course has given Marie a stepping stone into the world of work as well as much needed routine and purpose.

Sara Lawton, Director of CIF stated “Having led a Young Person’s charity in the past; I understand how crucial it is to have tailored support for young people who may be struggling with life. This support helps to shape their future and steer their lives onto the path they wish to follow. Marie is a lovely young woman and we wish her all the best in her future, she should be really proud of her achievements.”


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April 30, 2018


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


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