We are happy to report that CIF investment in The Princes Trust and Salford Royal Foundation Trust’s “Get into Hospital” course is now at mid point. It was great to meet the young people on their induction day and we are really pleased to learn how the young people are progressing; with the permission of the young people involved in the course we are able to share with you some of their stories.


“Callum… The Story So Far”.


Callum first heard about the Prince’s Trust course from his job centre advisor who was keen to get him into a sector based work academy for clinical support workers – Callum felt that this wasn’t the right path for him but was interested in the Prince’s Trust course so decided to attend the Taster Day on 11th September to find out more.
While at Taster Day, he learned about the Information Management & Technology (IM&T) department in Salford Royal Hospital and thought it would be a good way to gain experience and new skills.

Callum started the course on 9th October and at that point wasn’t quite sure what he hoped he would gain from it. Now half way through and Callum says he loves his placement and it is a lot better than he expected. He is enjoying learning lots about databases and processes and has been using his problem solving skills. He feels in himself that his confidence has grown massively already, especially when meeting people. Both the Princes Trust Team and Salford Royal department staff have witnessed this positive change and report how chatty he has become and now gives eye contact!




“ I have loved hearing how Callum has progressed; when I initially met Callum he was really shy and lacked confidence. To see him growing in the confidence he needs to achieve his personal goals is wonderful. It is easy to understimate how a lack of confidence can hold young people back affecting their whole lives both professionally and personally”.

Sara Lawton – Director


CIF Sponsored Prince’s Trust Course – Meet Callum

October 30, 2017


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


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