Client: Liverpool City Council

Liverpool City Council has appointed Walker Sime Ltd. via Construction Impact Framework’s (CIF) “Project Management” lot to provide PM services in relation to a £6 million scheme that will see the installation of a district heat and power network to service Liverpool Waterfront.

Walker Sime Ltd. will offer support to LCC’s internal project team, taking in effect the role of the client. Under this appointment their typical duties will include but are not limited to:-

* Acting as central co-ordination point for project within LCC.
* Developing a project execution plan.
* Providing monthly progress reports to LCC.
* Co-ordination of the supporting consultant team.
* Co-ordination of Stakeholder engagement
* Overseeing the services and works provided

Construction Impact Framework is a value based socially driven framework; please have a look at our social impact case studies to see how Liverpool City Council and Construction Impact Framework are changing lives through social procurement.



Liverpool City Council – Project Management Services

July 17, 2019


Liverpool City Council


Construction Projects