Liverpool City Council Appoints CIF Supply Partner A&B Engineering

Liverpool City Council have directly appointed Construction Impact Framework (CIF) supply partner A&B Engineering to carry out works in the Council’s Cunard Building, A&B Engineering are to carry out riser surveying with works beginning January 2020.


A&B Engineering will be working with an electrical design engineer to assist in surveying the risers in the Cunard Building with a view to replacing the transformers, busbars, switchgear and associated electrical infrastructure once the survey is completed. The work to include:

  • Determine the amount of  builders work and tap off units per riser
  • Fixing security to the back wall.
  • New access panels cut into ceilings and also vertical plaster boarded walls.
  • Assess tenants meters
  • Assess the condition and suitability of the existing cabling which needs reconnecting.
  • Move existing cables
  • Detailed Method and scope of Installation

Construction Impact Framework is a value based socially driven framework; please have a look at our social impact case studies to see how Liverpool City Council and Construction Impact Framework are changing lives through procurement.

Liverpool City Council- Risers Survey

January 29, 2020


Liverpool City Council


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