CIF Supply Partner JD Engineering appointed to carry out Plant Upgrade Works

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) through Construction Impact Framework (CIF) has appointed JD Engineering to carry out plant upgrade works at the university’s Byrom Street Campus. JD Engineering were appointed via the CIF framework following a mini completion in Spring 2020 with works due to commence in Summer 2020.

The work to be complete by JD Engineering is split over two main sites, the James Parsons Plantroom and the Peter Jost Plantroom.

The work within the James Parsons plantroom consists of the replacement of the gas fired water heaters with Low Temperature Hot Water generators, the reconfiguration of domestic hot water pipework and the replacement of the hot water return pump. JD Engineering will also carry out the modification of power supplies and controls to serve the new equipment.

The work within the Peter Jost Plantroom consists of the replacement of the existing boiler with a new heat exchanger served from the existing Low Temperature Hot Water system from the Phase 1 plantroom. The works are also to include the re-configuration of the existing LTHW pipework and pump arrangement to provide a new arrangement.

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Liverpool John Moores University- Byrom Street Plant Upgrades

June 30, 2020


Liverpool John Moores University


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