CIF Sponsored ‘Summer of Yoga’ 2018 – Report

This summer we were pleased to support Positivity Inc by funding their second ‘Summer of Yoga’. Positivity Inc is an organisation based in Liverpool that aims to ‘sow the seeds of positivity’ through yoga and other creative outdoor activities. For the second year running, they hosted a ‘Summer of Yoga’ program that delivered free yoga sessions to adults, children and families in several inspiring gardens and parks across North Liverpool.

Summer of Yoga 2018 – The Numbers

  • 30 Sessions of yoga delivered.
  • Held at three locations across Liverpool.
  • Over 100 adults & children took part in the sessions. 
  • Ages of participants ranged from 4 to 86.
  • Over 50% of participants were trying yoga for the first time.

Over 100 people took part across 30 sessions throughout the summer, with many trying yoga for the very first time. Participants were able to take part in a gentle, physical activity whilst spending time outside with their families and meeting new people at the same time. Feedback from participants was positive, with many saying that they really enjoyed the sessions and have been encouraged to take up yoga as a regular practice.

“Fab way to unwind on a Thursday night, love it!”

“Had a really good session tonight. Took me 5 mins or so to be calm but once I was Eve kept us all mentally and physically engaged….” 

”Feel great -thank you!”

Several participants in the “Summer of Yoga” 2018 give their feedback on the free yoga sessions held at several locations across Liverpool.

Construction Impact Framework were delighted to be able to support Positivity Inc this past summer, and we are pleased that participants in the sessions enjoyed themselves. We look forward to following the great work Positivity Inc will no doubt carry out across Liverpool in the future.



Positivity Inc – Summer of Yoga 2018

September 11, 2018


Positivity Inc.


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