Meet Chantelle…

Chantelle is 26 and mother to 3 young children. Chantelle had to leave a job at a tanning salon due to depression bought on in part by a very difficult working environment and was at home applying for job after job once she got herself back on her feet.

Chantelle is currently on placement in both Front of House reception and the Switchboard at the hospital. Chantelle is gaining lots of experience in both areas of the hospital and is finding having a routine to be really rewarding. Chantelle is keen to gain employment at the hospital in the future as she feels it’s time for her to get back into work and is really enjoying working with SRFT staff.

Her placement at the hospital has really opened her eyes to how great it is to work in a supportive, understanding environment. She is so proud of what she is achieving and making her children proud when every morning as she leaves for the course really keeps her motivated. We are so pleased that this experience has had such an impact on Chantelle’s confidence and view of the workplace.


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May 29, 2018


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


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