CIF Co-Delivers Social Value Training to Supply Partners

On Tuesday 14th May 2019, Construction Impact Framework (CIF) hosted its first social value workshop in partnership with Social Value UK.

The event held Blackburne House was delivered by Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value UK and Dr Adam Richards. Sara Lawton, Director of CIF worked with the Social Value UK team to develop a training session explaining the importance of social value in the built environment and its impact on our communities. The event which had debates topics such as “What is Social Value” described how suppliers can better deliver and demonstrate their social value when delivering capital projects.








Public-sector bodies are beginning to embrace the Social Value as they realise how they spend money has the power to reach into the heart of our communities.
CIF has always believed that public-sector procurement can reduce social inequality so we were delighted that many of our supply partners took the opportunity to improve their understanding of social value, and how they can effectively demonstrate their commitment to it.

Feedback from attendees on the day demonstrated that the event was informative giving our supply partners a better understanding of the social value landscape.

Caroline Cowburn, Business Growth Associate at Day Architectural Ltd, said “Today’s workshop on Social Value in conjunction with CIF, gave food for thought about what social value means to your business. Providing individuals with the opportunity to work for a living and break the embedded cycle of organised crime is just one way CIF has assisted in changing a young person’s life choices and aided in the fight to reduce these challenging figures”.

Robert Eaves, construction manager at D&G Builders & Joiners Ltd said  “Thank you for hosting the event. I found the discussions and different views very informative”. 

After the event supply partners who attended received guides and aides from social value UK to share with their teams; any supply partner interested in working with Social Value Uk can contact Rebecca Harvey from the team:

On closing the event with Framework Director, Sara Lawton said “We facilitated a workshop looking at Social Value in Public-Sector Procurement with our partners Social Value UK; exploring what social value means and the impact it has on our communities. Thank you to our supply partners for attending and inputting into the discussions throughout the morning and thank you to SVUK team for supporting our work”.




Social Value UK Workshop

May 17, 2019


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