As a result of Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT) procuring theatre refurbishment works via CIF we were able to purchase 10 wheelchairs for SRFT volunteers who assist vulnerable individuals when attending hospital appointments.

The Volunteer Services staff and all the Meet & Greet, Hospital Guide Volunteers here at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust are thrilled and extremely grateful to Construction Impact Framework (CIF) for the 10 new wheelchairs they have purchased for our service. The new red wheelchairs will make a massive difference to the service we provide for the patients and visitors who rely on our service in order to attend their hospital appointments or enable them to visit relatives.

Statement from SRFT Volunteer Service

Sara Lawton Director of Construction Impact Framework stated “It is really exciting for me to see our Social Impact investment directly reaching the people who need it the most; hearing from those who will benefit from our investment makes me extremely proud. It clearly demonstrates that by working in true collaboration with a forward-thinking organisation such as Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust we are making positive changes to those most vulnerable in our communities”.

Colin Carefoot Managing Director of Carefoot plc, who delivered the project, added “Sara and her team at CIF provide Carefoot and our clients with the mechanism to maximise the delivery of social value gained from projects. CIF is a refreshing approach to construction projects that is driven by passion and experience. To see the funds raised by the Theatre refurbishment project bring positive Social Impact right here in the Hospital, is a perfect example of how Social Value can be delivered from construction projects. For decades, Carefoot have worked within local communities to make a positive difference beyond our contractual obligations, and, the CIF enables us to formalise our ethos.”

Ged O’Connor one of SRFT’s Meet & Greet volunteers says “The new wheelchairs dedicated to the Meet & Greet Scheme will enable the volunteer team to offer a quicker and more efficient service, enhancing the patient experience”.

One of SRFT’s rheumatology patients commented on how much more confident she feels about attending her out patient appointments in the hospital because she is able to book a wheelchair from our Meet and Greet Service ahead of her visit.

CIF Funds The Purchase Of New Wheelchairs For Salford Royal Foundation Trust

August 10, 2017


Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust


Social Investment